Humanity? Yes, it's OK – some great talks, some great arts. Concrete people? No, 99% are boring idiots.

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“They’re only trying to help,” said Toby. Suddenly she was very tired; all she wanted to do was stumble into her cubicle and conk out. “Has anyone else been here?” Zeb had left the cobb house at the same time she did, on a search for Adam One and any of the God’s Gardeners who might have survived. She wanted to know if he’d returned, but she didn’t want to be obvious about it: pining was whining, as the Gardeners used to say, and she’d never worn her heart anywhere near her sleeve.

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True Blood - Sam & Tara Appreciation

A teensy part of me has always shipped them throughout the years and sort of hoped they would end up together. *Sigh*

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In loving memory of Tara Mae Thornton.

Seasons :
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
First seen :
“Strange Love”
Last seen :
“Jesus Gonna Be Here”
Appeared in :
71 episodes

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"Military prostitution was a most important vector in the
globalization and industrialization of prostitution in the late
20th century. The massive industrialized militaries of the 20th
century understood that prostitution was necessary to their military preparedness. The male soldiers were provided with easy, organized, cheap and ‘safe’ access to prostituted women. The prostituted women were recruited in a variety of ways. The ‘comfort women’ were kidnapped, deceived or bought from parents in Korea, China and other invaded and colonized countries for the Japanese military brothels of the 1930s and 1940s. The women and girls used by peacekeepers in brothels in Kosovo are trafficked women kept in debt bondage, mostly from Eastern Europe. The methods are strikingly similar but the degree of official involvement by militaries and state governments varies. Military prostitution on a scale similar to that employed by the Japanese was part of the US military rest and recreation régimes after World War II throughout South East Asia. This formed the basis for the huge sex industries and trafficking of women that developed in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines, and became such important sectors of their economies. In its sheer scale, military prostitution can be seen as kick-starting a crucial aspect of the globalization of prostitution, the sexual exploitation of a sexual proletariat of women and children from poor countries by members of rich westernized nations."

Jeffreys, Sheila. “The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade.” Routledge, 2009. (p. 107)

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legit, how many popular male leftist/sj/pro-feminist bloggers on here have turned out to be rapists or sexual harassers or pedophiles? its scary how easy it is for these guys to access the rhetoric that makes feminists love them and shield them from criticism

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It had to be them: the three Painballers who’d smashed up Scales, that first night of the Flood. The ones who’d killed Mordis. They’d seen me on the intercom. That’s why they’d come back to Scales — to open up the Sticky Zone like an oyster in order to get at me. They would have found tools. It might have taken a while, but they’d have done it in the end.

That thought gave me a very cold feeling, but I didn’t tell the others about it. They had enough to worry about anyway.

I think you’re doing just fine with the whole consideration/you’re-not-the-only-person-on-the-planet thing, Ren.

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“Zeb figured if you could destroy the infrastructure,” said Croze, “then the planet could repair itself. Before it was too late and everything went extinct.”

“So this plague, was it a MaddAddam thing?” said Amanda.

“No way,” said Shackie. “Zeb didn’t believe in killing people,
not as such. He just wanted them to stop wasting everything and fucking up.”

“He wanted to make them think,” said Oates.

I don’t really see how that makes sense. (But this is Croze speaking, so he might have mismemorized and/or oversimplified the idea a bit.) Except if it’s one of those “back to rural paradise, before industrialization/technology ruined everything” things. (But Zeb so didn’t strike me as the type. Quite the contrary.)

But aww @ Zeb’s optimism and humanism. Not sure if and, if yes, to which extent I share them, but nice. Like I said, I love Zeb. And kinda feel bad for him/his organization apparently sort of getting duped by Crake (whom I also still like).

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“Ren, you’re not the only person on the planet,” Toby used to say when I was little. It was a way of telling us to have consideration.

Continuing to love Toby.

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Also “Torture/rape/concentration camps are different when it’s not a war of invasion” ?!? Even if we overlook the fact that whether it was a war of invasion is very arguable at best, what kind of sociopathic logic is this? 

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What good are your ethics and/or critical thinking skills that you’re so proud of if you can’t use them to evaluate your own community (/state)? If you can see it’s wrong when Israel is doing it, you should be able to see it was wrong when Serbia was doing it.

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Tarja Turunen by Prog Magazine, 2


~The sweet goddess!!!!!

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